How pathetic is this? not even tagged and I’m doing this. Anyone else wants to, consider yourself tagged.

4 jobs that you have had in your lifetime
* Military Intelligence lieutenant
* ‘notetaker’ for various classes at UT Austin
* volunteer researcher in Costa Rica on a tapir project
* veterinarian

4 movies that you could watch over and over
* Grace of My Heart
* Moulin Rouge
* Thunderheart
* Lord of the Rings trilogy

4 places that you have lived (in order, omitting most current places of residence)
* Long Beach, CA
* West Point, New York
* Munich, Germany
* Austin, Texas

4 TV shows that you love to watch
* House Hunters
* Clean Sweep
* Sex and the City
* 24 (on DVD, all at once)

4 places that you have been on vacation
* French Polynesia (Bora Bora, Rangiroa)
* Belize
* Italy (ooh! Tuscany)
* England

4 websites that you visit daily
* Yahoo Mail
* Knitter’s Review
* Veterinary Information Network (VIN)
* Hotmail

4 of your favorite foods
* Shredded beef tacos
* Coconut sorbet (especially Ciao Bella’s (which happens to the be full name of my first dog Cella))
* Various varietals of red wine
* Barbara’s baked cheese puffs

4 places that you would rather be right now
* At the beach
* Yosemite Valley
* Pacific Grove/ Monterey
* Santa Ynez Valley (winetasting)