I’m going to go to Stitches West! and even better — one of my best friends Traci is now a knitter! so we’ll be going up on Saturday together to the Stitches West Market. I’ll be driving down (up?) early Friday morning (probably a 6 hour drive, will be updating my iPod with various podcasts etc — I just got one of those cassette player adapters so I can now do my iPod in the car), spending time with a veterinarian friend near Monterey, then getting Traci, spending all day Saturday at Stitches West, then Saturday night and Sunday morning with Traci & her husband Doug.

Yeah! so I can buy more yarn to start more projects that will take me years to finish!

I also did something that may’ve been rather silly. I’ve emailed a bunch a friends asking for their color/fiber preferences for small projects (scarves, mittens, hats). I specifically said no promises on anything soon….but I fear I’ve opened a door into the abyss. And fallen through.

Gearing up for Sock Team USA for the Knitting Olympics — I’ve decided to do New England from Knitting on the Road with the KOTR KAL.

I’m going to use my Nature’s Palette that I got in Geneva IL over Christmas. I’m debating whether to use 2 circs and do 2 socks at once (thereby learning at least 2 new things all at once) or just stick (no pun intended) to my DPNs. I cast on (learning a new cast on BTW) to practice on 2 circs and am not sure if I like how the joins(?) between the 2 needles look. I’m doing that first stitch snug but I’m a little worried. Of course, I’ve only done 5 or 6 rows, and it looks okay — no gaps — but I’m just…worried. With DPNs I just place a marker and scootch the stitches over (as well as doing that first stitch snugly) and have no problems with gaps etc.