I’ve been sick the past week and a half, really hit me last Friday. Before then I did finish My So Called Scarf…it will be going to one of my lucky friends who said she likes those colors…as soon as I take a pic or two!

So, after dutifully waiting til the appointed day and time to start my New England / KOTR KAL/ Sock Team USA knitting Olympics project, I am now days behind, because my feeble attempt at knitting on Friday resulted in little progress that all got frogged anyway. However, what I have now is coming along fine. I’m only at about row 9 or 10 on the first chart, but hey, it’s coming along.

I really like the color of the Nature’s Palette yarn I chose, but the dye is coming off on my hands (like Rowan Denim) as I knit, and the yarn doesn’t seem as spring-y as, say, Koigu. I don’t know if they (the respective companies) use the same yarn as a base for their dyeing, or, if they do, if it’s just a matter of the dyes affecting the fiber differently.