Oh my gosh. Stitches West was so cool, and I only did the Market. I’m definitely planning on going next year, signing up for classes in advance, and taking my time instead of doing the whole market in one day!

I spent almost $300 (ouch) but bought some awesome stuff: enough Black Water Abbey wool in Jacob to knit Marilyn (and the pattern, and the buttons), some alpaca from an alpaca farm vendor (planned: the Branching Out Scarf); some angora/merino (another undecided lace scarf most likely); and a plethora of socks yarns. I also bought a Chibi and an extra set of small darning needles, an Offhand Designs circular needle holder, and a pattern from White Lies. I’ll catalog everything with pics, vendor links, etc.

It was so much fun to actually meet some of the vendors and designers. I was so tempted by Cheryl Oberle’s kits and the Philosopher’s Wool kits. Cheryl Oberle, as others have noted, is a very gracious, calm, kind woman. The ladies at Black Water Abbey were also exceptionally nice, spending a lot of time with me helping me pick out what color wool would look best, trying on sweaters in different colors, holding up skeins, etc.

The Interweave Knits booth had many of the Spring 2006 sample sweaters on display which was really neat.

On the other hand, I’ve made only a little progress on my New England socks. I should start the heel today on the first sock, but I have my doubts about getting the pair done ‘in time’.