Yesterday I decided to really organize my stash. I get really anal and just love organizing, decluttering, etc.

It’s not all catalogued yet, but everything is now in clear ziplock baggies (so I can easily see it, as opposed to being in opaque pink yarn store plastic bags). Sock yarns grouped together by color (with my Nature’s Palette by itself, I don’t want any transfer of color/indigo pigment), beige scarf yarns together, my miscellaneous Scottish Campion stash grouped by color, etc.

(And why is it so many use pink? I’ll admit I’ve gotten a bit more girly and actually now like pink — I have several pink articles of clothing (grey triathlon shorts with pink flowers on the sides, matching pink socks, a pink sports bra — all matching, because in triathlon, how you LOOK is absolutely critical; two of the same pink skirts from J.Jill (two, because I liked it so much).

I frogged Dave’s Cable Scarf and the DNA scarf. Not that I don’t like the patterns, but because, after a year and a half back into knitting, I realized that a) I made too many mistakes and b) most importantly, I chose too small of knitting needles for the size of the wool for both of the scarves, so the scarves were basically going to be stiff bits of uncomfortable, nondraping fabric.

I also set up my swift and ballwinder and wound probably about 15 balls from skeins or balls that were messes of tangled yarn (as opposed to nice balls or skeins).

After packaging all the yarn, I also divided up the yarn between my cedar chest and our built-in window seat chest; the cedar chest houses the yarn for sweaters and other large projects, the window seat the sock yarn, scarf yarn, odd balls, and miscellaneous yarn. Both are packed full.

This whole venture made me realize I have enough gorgeous, lovely stuff that I really shouldn’t buy any more yarn for quite some time.

That’s why, when I went to Beach Knitting to check out their sale, I walked out with 2 skeins of Claudia’s Handpainted in fingering in Stormy Skies, a very lovely pale mix of grey, light blue, tans, & lavenders. I don’t think I’ve ever bought yarn there, just needles, my black sheep measuring tape, and a small bag, but I was feeling the need to support my LYS.