I picked up Lady Eleanor yesterday — I have 6 more tiers before I do the fringe. Getting there! I’m thinking of putting forth a concerted effort to get it done (GASP) over the next couple days.

I’ve decided to frog the Jaywalker sock I began — I made a couple obvious mistakes counting when setting up the pattern — and I think I’d like to try something that is a little more intricate (despite making counting mistakes on an easy pattern).

I find I’ve gotten rather ruthless frogging things recently. Better to frog than have a UFO making me feel guilty, I guess, especially if the UFO in question has totally lost its allure (or if I’ve made visible mistakes that I’d have to frog a bunch of knitting to correct, anyway).

And of course, instead of spending my time actually KNITTING, I spent 2-3 hours today going through my collection of Interweave Knits and making an Excel spreadsheet cataloging pattern type, name, fiber, my description & comments, issue, and page. (Someone on Knitter’s Review brought up the question of organizing their magazine collection so they wouldn’t have to spend hours looking for a pattern they sorta recalled. I replied, basically suggesting they do what I ended up doing today.)