Dave and I did a basically flat ride Saturday morning, only about 16 miles, from the park located at Gould and Valley/Ardmore to the bridge between Playa del Rey and Marina del Rey and return. (The only hills are to/from the park to the Strand.) (There is a little hill by the hanglider station on the Strand but, I’m happy to say, I can’t even really count that as a hill anymore — more like a bump.)

I had probably a five minute transition (load the bike in the care, drink some more Vitamin water (lemonade), eat some Clif Blocks (strawberry)) then took off for my run. I decided I was only going to do a short run, only 2 miles, and did the first mile on the woodchip path. On the way back, I decided to run on the sidewalk (avoiding the steamy mugginess of the path, I hoped).

Can you see where this is going?

I was merrily trotting along (sorta) and BOOM, felt my right ankle twist and my body rocket towards the (uneven) sidewalk. Bruised my right thumb, skinned my left knee, hurt my pride (my quick glance proved I could see no one in the vicinity, which hopefully means no one saw ME). My ankle hurt then went numb and I limped, bloody, back to the car, mournfully glancing around to see where Dave was as I trudged along.

I iced my ankle twice Saturday and rested Sunday (instead of doing PV again and an ocean swim, the original plan). Today I’m planning on doing a pool swim, some light upper body weightlifting and maybe the elliptical machine if it doesn’t make my ankle hurt. It doesn’t hurt if I walk or run straight. I just have less range of motion in it; trying to rotate it hurts a little. I’m trying to be sensible and not injure it further.

NOTE: I think this is the same ankle I injured last October at Hermosa DATB. I don’t remember. And of course, looking back over my blog, I NEVER NOTED WHICH ANKLE I INJURED. So, this time: THE RIGHT ANKLE.

On a more upbeat note, I’ve now lost about 22lbs off my heaviest weight, and about 16lbs since changing my eating habits — I’m still steadily (albeit slowly) dropping weight. I’m starting to think I may actually, some day, NOT have to decide between racing as an Athena vs in my age group….and in the back of my mind, hopefully that will be before the start of next year’s season.