Yikes. Hadn’t realized I put off posting for so long.

My mother-in-law Rosemary is visiting. She’s a new knitter, so of course I get to drag her around to all the LYS’s! We’ve visited Alamitos Bay Yarn Company (prior to having tea at the Vintage Tea Leaf), LisCat, L’Atelier, and Beach Knitting so far. I’m planning on taking her to Wild Fiber in Santa Monica (it’ll be my first time there too, I’ve been wanting to check it out), Stitch Cafe in Valley Village, and maybe La Knitterie Parisienne in Studio City.

It’s interesting to see the difference in what type of yarns, as well as projects, attract each of us. She’s definitely more of a color person whereas I’m more of a fiber type person. I prefer more traditional, intricate patterns, and she likes things that may be simpler to knit but highlight her gorgeous color choices.