>Yeah, I know, I still owe a Wildflower report. It’ll get here, sooner or later.

Alcatraz is coming up, very very quickly. Apparently everyone who told Mel and me that if we could do Wildflower, Alcatraz would be a breeze, was LYING, according to Mel’s new coach. But Mel’s coach is telling her that she will (and by extension, *I* will) survive Alcatraz since we’re ‘fit’ (since we finished Wildflower). Hmph. Mel says he’s very believable when he tells her that.

LA Tri Club is having a big ocean clinic tomorrow. Dave and I and Mel are all attending. Dave is going to be part of the ‘nonchalant novice’ group, I’m thinking of braving the ‘intrepid intermediates’ or whatever the group is (interested? involved? incoherent?) and who knows what Mel will do. (By the way my swim time for Wildflower, however slow, was faster than Dave’s. Of course, I occasionally swim. The last time he swam was for Hermosa Day at the Beach in October. I think it’s finally dawned on him that though most reasonably fit people who can stay afloat can gut their way through a sprint, the Oly distance, especially Wildflower, is a different story. Actual training of some sort is needed.)

Mel just got her coach, and, since we train together, and are pretty much still at the same level for running and biking, and are planning on doing the same races, I’m supposed to do her workouts. Her workout plan is downright scary. I’ve never seen so many abbreviations and different types of workouts. I’ll need to memorize the day’s plan for 20 minutes ahead of time just to be able to remember what it is I’m supposed to be doing. I suppose our ‘oh, let’s just go this direction and see how it feels’ type of training isn’t going to work anymore.