Where to start? Dave and I have always loved the charm, craftsmanship and liveability of older houses (as well as loathing most post-1960 houses). We really wanted a bungalow of some sort for our first house but there wasn’t anything in our price range in the location we wanted, so we ended up in our little 1950s house in the Golden Hills area of Redondo Beach. It’s a nice little house, and we’ve had fun decorating it etc, but….it’s not what we wanted.

We found the house on 223 Prospect in Hermosa Beach — it’s been on the market awhile, and currently is being rented — and really love it. It’s small, barely bigger than our current house, but with a bigger kitchen and with lovely coved ceilings and arched windows. It only has two bedrooms but has a kitchen nook as well as an alcove off the dining room, either of which we can use for our ‘office’.

Here’s a link to the listing.