…though this one I’m thinking will be done shortly. It’s just a felted laptop sleeve for my new laptop. I’m roughly basing it on the pattern for the small messenger bag in Knitty (summer ’05? will post the link) except I’ve made it a little bigger (100 stitches total per round) and won’t do as long as a flap. And I’m doing random stripes (though I’ve started a Fibonacci sequence). I’d guestimate I’m about a third done at least. Big needles, doublestranded yarn, it’s going quickly. I’m working on it between patients/clients at work (some guilt there but it’s been pretty slow). Yarn….stash yarn! mostly Elann Peruvian wool, in lovely autumn colors, with one skein of Knit Picks thrown in.

I’m thinking of making a silk lining to sew in, and adding some clips/buckles to the front once it’s done.