Bag’s in the washer! Unfortunately I skipped a before pic; will add an after felting pic later. I’ll probably finish Curtis’ scarf this weekend.

I’ve planned my morning to keep me busy: pedicure (done!), breakfast at the bagel shop (ongoing as I type — my first laptop — dell xps m1210, love it, love free wireless access), sign us up for the 10k next weekend (Village Runner is in the same strip mall as Manhattan Beach Bagels, they open in 5 minutes); mall to get some foundation from Origins (broke the bottle a couple weeks ago, was using still using it til I figured I’d be scared to do a bacterial culture on it, getting by with moisturizer and a little loose powder since then); farmer’s market (Torrance, big market, lots of fun, lots of good stuff); Whole Foods to get whatever I couldn’t get shopping-wise.

The rest of the weekend: knitting, running, writing.