We still don’t know if this is going to go through or not. I think it will but not in as timely of a manner as we’d like.

It still all hinges on when the tenants are getting out.

After this experience I don’t think I’d ever even LOOK at a house for sale that had tenants. We’d already be in our little Spanish Eclectic if it weren’t for the tenants.

Best case hope is that we get to move the first weekend in November; hopefully worst case is moving the 10th of November (which would still allow us to do the Solvang metric century on the 11th, which, if you’re a cyclist, you’d understand as being one of our priorities). The latter would actually allow us a little more time to move some of our stuff ourselves, but I’d really rather be in sooner rather than later.

We stopped by Antique Stove Heaven yesterday and ooh’d and aah’d over the refurbished stoves. I think we could actually get a 40″ stove — we’ll have more than enough room on that wall where the stove sits. We’re leaning towards Wedgewood or O’Keefe and Merritt, one of the 1950s stoves that look like ’57 Chevies, kind of a Disney retro/Tomorrowland look. We have to determine if we’re better off finding a cheap but still working and in decent if not pristine shape stove off of Craig’s List or going the easier but more expensive route of getting an already refurbished stove from Antique Stove Heaven. (I’ve found a lot of prospective stoves on Craig’s List in the $300-500 range; a few cheaper, a few more expensive.)