Last night I made up a batch of basic risotto. I wanted enough to have leftovers for a couple lunches this week (never as lusciously creamy as when made fresh but very tasty).

1 large onion cut into small pieces
Enough butter (unsalted organic) or olive oil to saute the onion and the rice
6 cups chicken stock (organic free range &/or homemade)
2/3-1 cup of white wine (we had some Gewurztraminer, not what I’d recommend but it worked okay)
2 1/4- 1 1/2 cups arborio or Carnaroli rice (we had the latter this time)
1-2 cups of shredded Parmigiano-Reggiano (bought at Whole Foods)

Saute the onion pieces until mostly translucent. Heat the stock and wine while you’re doing this and keep it simmering.

Add the rice to the onions. Cook about 1 minute, stirring, until the edges of the rice are clear and the middle looks like a white spot.

Start adding the stock/wine mix about 1/2 – 1 cup at a time, stirring as needed, til it is absorbed, adding more til it is all gone and the rice is tender but still a tiny bit chewy. This can take awhile. Think slow food. I’ve tried doing microwave and rice cooker versions of risotto to cut back on the cooking time and you know what — it doesn’t taste the same, not nearly as rich and creamy. So the outcome is worth the time.

Add your cheese, stir, dish out generously and eat. Oh, add a little salt and/or pepper if needed to taste. To me, the cheese is salty enough that I don’t add any more salt.

By the way, this recipes fills a a large frying pan to the top.

It can be modified by adding pre-cooked meat, veggies etc right around the time you add the cheese. Often I use shredded rotisserie chicken or fresh asparagus. You can also experiment with different cheeses, herbs, etc.