I’m still working on Conwy but the realities of work (and the upcoming move) has slowed progress. I hope to finish the first sock today and get the second started.

The timeline for moving looks like this:

  • Today: take down the curtains etc that we are keeping and wash them. Take down anything else we said we’d be keeping (i.e. the curtain rod and decoration for our bedroom closet, the vintage swinging curtain rods, etc). Wash tablecloths, runners, placemats, etc and pack with linens in the linen closet boxes. (I have these boxes from Ikea that are made of a dust-proof fabric exterior that I store linens and other stuff in.)
  • Final walk-through of the new house on the 30th.
  • Get the keys on the 31st. Work on the floors starts and continues through Saturday.
  • 31st Oct-Nov 4th we get everything moved from our current garage (with a few exceptions) to our new garage. The majority of things in our garage are already stored in Rubbermaid or similar containers, so they’re already basically packed.
  • As we get stuff out of our garage we can start packing boxes in the house and get those moved for temporary storage downstairs in the garage. (Look, with a 900 square foot house, there is no place to start stacking up boxes where we’re not going to trip over them. Everyone keeps asking me if we’ve started packing yet and it’s driving me nuts.)
  • Nov 5th we can actually move things into the house. The floor guy Travis said ‘light’ things then said we could move in our bed, so I’m thinking anything we can carry and place down carefully will be fine. So, we’ll be moving anything we can fit into Dave’s XTerra or my Subaru in on Sunday.
  • Nov 6th the movers come and move the big stuff for us, and whatever little stuff we didn’t get done.

Luckily, because I do a good job keeping decluttered, the majority of our stuff is books (which, I suppose someone could argue, we don’t do a good job decluttering, but I do re-read my old books, as does Dave), which are easy to pack.