We have the keys!!!! It recorded today! We now have a house again! (Our old house funded/recorded last week, so technically we had a few days as renters.)

Work on the floors is progressing nicely. We had to decide between the future integrity of our new kitchen floor versus the current small dishwasher….the floor won. (The dishwasher fit so tightly that if it ever died, removing it would involve cutting the new wood floor.)

We’re actually considering ripping out the lower cabinets and sink (keeping the upper cabinets, they seem solid and unwarped) and if so will install a (non-period) full-sized dishwasher. I don’t know if the current tile-in sink could be resurfaced and reused, I need to research that. We were wanting to redo the countertop tile in white hexes with accent colors or similar and subway tile on the wall for a backsplash.

We’re probably a little past half done moving stuff out of our old garage and into our new garage. I did two trips today at lunch and Dave and I did one when I got home (he’d already loaded the XTerra). Hopefully two trips tomorrow and we’ll be pretty much done with what we were planning to move (saving the big cabinet and washer and dryer for the official movers). Luckily our garage was pretty well organized with the majority of our gear and stuff in Rubbermaid or similar containers (being anal has its rewards).

Dave’s mom Rosemary arrives tomorrow to help us pack. We’ll be able to start moving packed boxes into our old garage Thursday.

As noted before, we should be able to move stuff into the house proper on Sunday; anything we can fit in my Subaru or Dave’s XTerra we’ll be moving over ourselves. The movers will move the rest Monday morning.

I finished painting the turquoise table (3 coats!)….pic to follow.

Here’s the flickr link to the new house — ‘before’ pics.