The to-do list for the house keeps getting longer and longer!

We’re moved in to the point it’s presentable except for the deck, which we’ll neaten up this weekend. (Presentable = no boxes, bookcases filled, knick-knacks displayed, but I still have to re-organize the linen closet and kitchen closets a little.) It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, made more stressful by the fact one of the places I’ve been working at is further away than most, and I don’t get home til after 7pm.

I’m getting to the point where I have the time to start knitting again!

We did buy another cedar chest for yarn storage for me since we no longer have the built-in with the window seat/ chest (the main thing I miss about our old house!). It’s a 1940s ‘waterfall’ cedar chest that I found on Craig’s List.

Pics of the house are at my flickr page.