We did buy that neat old Hoosier cabinet on Craig’s List. It’s the perfect size for our kitchen and gives much-needed extra storage. I can also display some of my teapots and tea cups on the shelves fronted by the glass door.

We also found another 1950s Wedgewood stove on Craig’s List that had been refurbished a few years ago at Antique Stove Heaven. (The one mentioned in the last post just wasn’t in good enough condition.) Even with arranging with pick up/ delivery from Redondo Van and Storage (after a myriad of phone calls attempting to locate a rental truck etc) it’s still working out much less expensive than getting one directly from Antique Stove Heaven. (Famous last words – we still have to have it installed, because its valve doesn’t fit the valve on the gas supply line. We’re having the Gas Co out tomorrow to install it.

We do still want to paint the walls and cabinets and get different knobs for the cabinets in the very near future, but I think we’re going to wait awhile on the re-tiling, re-doing the bottom cabinets etc.