There’s a board topic on Knitter’s Review about whether your blog has become a chore. Occasionally (well, the last few months) I feel like that, primarily because I’ve been doing little to no knitting, and it’s rather embarrassing to try to update a KNITTING blog with no knitting content.

Regardless, work continues on Wavy, albeit even more slowly; I desperately want to gift it to Jan, but I’m a little (a LOT) bored with the pattern.

La Lana Wools of Taos, located just off the plaza on the ‘main’ road through town, is a small, cozy shop, smaller than I expected, with various sweaters and items on display throughout. Hanks of yard, both handspun and millspun, hung off floor racks and wall pegs and overflowed baskets. I bought just a little, just enough for the cami I’ve been eyeing for a very long time. (I tried on the sample they had in the small size and it actually fit.) I bought the Phat Silk Fine in Walnut.

Of course, I’ve no idea when I’ll get to it.