I love my old house. I really do.

But we have to return two of the three ceiling fans. My lovely, lovely (albeit non period) Casablanca ceiling fans.

Because of basically old house issues.

The electrician installed one in the cats’ room — it has 3 steel pipes with wires running to its outlet. Our bedroom only had 2 pipes, and he felt the fan we picked out would be too heavy. We had him replace our (I think original FWIW) light fixture. The dining room fan was supported by one screw in the box and had only one steel pipe. In his opinion that wasn’t even adequate for the fan that was there. We had him put up our Art Deco fixture I’d found at a local consignment store (which actually looks a lot better than the fan) that we’d used in our previous house. (I did order some bulbs from Rejuvenation today.)

On the window front….

Bad and good news.

Bad news is restoring the arched windows would be at least around $12,000. Yep, that’s the correct number of zeroes. So, on Ed the window guy’s suggestion, we’re going to paint the non-glass portions white to match the trim in the rest of the house (right now they’re blackish greyish) for the time being.

Good news: we’re going to do the windows in the living room, the cats’ room, and our bedroom, and have the one remaining original window restored. Install date is the 31st of July.

We’re going to wait on the screens til the windows are done.