Seaweed is hard(er). (Yes, I was bad. I cast on the day I received the kit and have done a couple repeats. Pics posted on Flickr and Ravelry.) I can easily memorize what I’m doing after the first repeat of the row I’m on but still need to refer to the chart at the beginning of each right side row. (Wrong side is all purling except the first and last stitch.)

Falling Water is easy. Easy to look at the last worked row and know, even after several days, what to do next. Definitely TV knitting. I’m almost to a binding off point — depends (duh) on how long I want it to be.

I’ve been pretty busy on Ravelry — I’ve taken and uploaded photos of most of my stash, current projects, and finished projects. I started a knitting triathlete group, and have joined more than I should’ve.