I’ve finished the colorwork and started the waist decreasing. I practiced using both hands doing the colorwork; my left hand did fine but my right hand got sore (I’m right handed and usually knit English as opposed to Continental). I am pleased with my tension — no puckering and no excess yarn on the wrong side.

I was a little worried about size (it was looking big) so finally ran some yarn through the working end and tried it on (couldn’t do it with the circulars in). It fits! I may do some extra waist decreases, though.

I’m very grateful I cast on early for the neck because, even assuming the inch or so of ribbing I’ll be adding at the neckline, it’s still plenty scooped. I don’t really want to have to wear a cami under it; the Blue Sky is bulky enough as is.

I’m trying to have this done to wear this weekend — Dave and I are doing a long weekend trip up to Ojai (SCUBA diving Saturday, bike riding Sunday, lazing around in between). It’s a really fast knit and I’ve become a little obsessed with it, so hopefully I’ve not jinxed myself!