Body done, sleeves done, all ends woven end except for what will be associated with the neck!

We went diving yesterday at Anacapa, one of the California Channel Islands, on the Spectre out of Ventura Harbor. Despite my Scopalamine patch I was miserably sea sick for most of the day and only made two of the four dives. However, those were nice dives — we saw a sea lion, huge Garibaldi, a big Sheepshead, some lovely Spanish Shawl nudibranchs, and more on the first dive, and on the last dive a small moray eel and a school of sardines, as well as a ton of purple sea urchins and probably a half dozen species of starfish. Dave and our friends Tori and Walt saw a huge bat ray with juveniles on one of the dives I sat out.

We hadn’t dove since 2006 in Fiji, and I don’t think I’d done cold water diving since January of 2005 at Catalina. (We did do a pool refresher last Thursday just to practice basic skills — always a good idea if you’ve not dove in a while.)