Well, I finished Espresso Bean last weekend, but I don’t like how loose the sleeves are, so I’m going to rip them and redo them. I also re-did part of the neck. In my frustration I’ve set it aside for a few days.

In the meantime:

While on my day of jury duty I cast on some Cherry Tree Hill and Fleece Artist for Eunny Jang’s Anemoi Mittens.

I started Rosemary’s Lady E and am a fair chunk of the way through that.

I knit and blocked a Lizard Ridge square that I gave to my friend Mel as part of her birthday present (to be made into the front of a throw pillow) this past weekend.

I’ve swatched & experimented with & repeatedly frogged some Colinette for a throw/stole for my mom. I think I’m going to do entrelac for it, too.

I was sick from about Friday til now which is why I didn’t work on Seaweed or the Anemoi Mittens this weekend.