Hey! Progress on my Lush Greenjeans! I finally got my KnitPicks dpns so I’ve worked a little more on the sleeve.

But….bigger news….I got my Rose! She’s lovely and mesmerizing. Both John and Marsha of Solvang’s Village Spinning & Weaving Shop were incredibly helpful. I’m obviously still doing a lot of experimenting with ratios, adjusting the tension, hand placement, drafting, etc.

In accordance with my type A total immersion personality I’ve joing the Los Angeles Fiber guild‘s Handspinning COE study group. I attended my first meeting today. Only four of the 13 people there today intend on actually submitting the COE work, and one person hadn’t ever used a wheel, so I only felt moderately out of place. Regardless, it’s a year long program where we’ll study everything from wheel mechanics to buying and prepping fleeces to spinning different types of yarn.

We’re going to be meeting at least once per month; in January we’re going on a field trip to a farm in Lompoc (near Solvang) to see their Icelandic sheep and buy fleeces. Our next meeting in December is when we all contribute to build fiber notebooks — everyone’s signing up for different sheep breeds, researching their chosen breeds, and getting samples of fiber for everybody.