Lush Greenjeans is blocking as I type this. I’ve picked out a vintage button for it as well — pics to follow when it’s all done. It was an easy (i.e. TV/movie/chatting with friends) sort of knit, and I can see myself knitting one for a gift.

To the left is the start of a scarf (finally!) for Dave. I wanted something interesting but, even after pouring over pics on Ravelry, I couldn’t find a pre-existing pattern that really grabbed me.

I knew I wanted cables and traveling stitches, something I could work up in Malabrigo (having purchased two skeins of solid Chestnut at Twist for the specific purpose of Dave’s scarf), & something that would teach me something new. St*rmore’s Irish Moss pullover (from Aran Knitting) is in my queue (along with a dozen other St*rmore designs), and I ended up choosing two charts from that sweater.

The little chart (7 stitches each side of the center panel) is easy; you can tell how you need to position the stitches by what you’ve done prior. I’m still referring to the chart for the RS of the center panel (I’ve only done one repeat of the 16-row pattern so far). It incorporates a lot of twisted stitches within the crossing of the stitches which is a little tricky because the (loosely spun, single ply) Malabrigo is a bit splitty. I am getting a lot of practice with cabling/crossing stitches without a cable needle, which is good. The WS of that center panel is not so bad — just knitting & purling (though the latter is TBL) in accordance with the pattern — so I can do it without the chart.

Mom got her Mom’s Llama cardi in the mail today! I was so hoping she would get it in time. She loves it.

Happy holidays!