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How long does angora take to dry on my homemade blocking board? A long, long time. It was finally dry this morning, I sewed on the button, and voila!

This is my favorite sweater that I’ve made so far (okay, granted, I’ve only made a few) — I love how soft it is, how it fits, the color. I’ll update if it pills badly, but right now, I’m very happy with it. The pattern was well written and easy to follow (and easy to adapt/change if necessary), I practiced a new skill (cabling without a needle), it knit up quickly enough I didn’t get bored with it (I’d’ve finished it a month ago if I hadn’t done Mom’s Llama in between).

It does shed, but I knew it would, just from having worked with the yarn before. I have pets. I wear extra fur all the time. No big deal.