Finished this year:

Sweaters: Mom’s Llama, Espresso Bean, Lush Greenjeans
Scarves: Falling Water, Roman Stripe Scarf, Wavy
Mittens: Fetching, Curtis’ Mitts
Misc: Lizard Ridge Square (for a pillow front); several washcloths

Pics of most can be seen on my flickr page.

Okay, not a lot, compared to most blogging knitters, but for me — 3 sweaters (albeit easier ones)! and all done in the latter half of this year — that’s a lot. I’m pretty pleased.

WIPs that I will eventually finish: my Lady E (fringe still needed); Rosemary’s Lady E; Anemoi mitts; Dave’s Irish Moss scarf; several socks; Seaweed Wrap; Kendall’s Blanket (which will be about 6 squares of the Great American Aran Afghan in Blue Sky organic cotton).

I frogged a few things, including the friendship scarf.