Knit from either current stash or what I spin (using my current fleece stash). If you’re on Ravelry you can check out my stash (I do have most of it cataloged). There’s no need for me to purchase new yarn this year (especially considering I have 20 skeins of Lush Angora on the way!). I know I’ll end up buying some yarn, but hopefully I can do trades rather than outright purchases.

Continue learning and improving with my spinning. Use at least one of my fleece purchases as a sheep to sweater project (thus entailing all sorts of new skills in one project: scouring a fleece, carding it, spinning it, plying it, turning it into hanks, and designing and knitting the sweater).

Knit the following sweaters: the above sheep to sweater project; a St*rmore design using my Jaeger Shetland; a St*rmore design using my Black Abbey yarn; sweaters with the above mentioned Lush Angora; Veste Everest with the Icelandic lamb.

Complete these WIPs: Seaweed Wrap; Dave’s Irish Moss; Anemoi mittens; Lady Eleanor x2I know I’ll have various smaller projects to work on as well (mitten kit on the way for example). I’d like to complete one small project per every month or two (mittens, pair of socks, scarf, etc) as well as the above items.