I don’t wear vests, except for a polartec fleece thing for layering while in Yosemite when it snows.

I did (do!) like Veste Everest, though, and especially liked the homespun examples I saw on Ravelry. Never mind I have only two collared shirts over which to wear a vest.

Regardless, I bought the Icelandic homespun with the express plan of making Veste Everest from it. I’ve already noted some of the problems with the yarn in the previous post. On top of those, I’m not even up to my neck shaping yet, and the piece is very heavy — the yarn is spun very tightly i.e. it’s very dense.

However, as I’ve been knitting this, I’ve had various thoughts like: ‘Oh! this would make such a pretty bag, if I liked knitted bags! or a throw pillow for the bed!’ or ‘Hmm — I wonder if I could knit & felt a small rug for beside our bed.’

I’m leaning towards a throw pillow — I could just sew up the bottom edge, figure out how I want the top edge to close, and voila — something much more useful than a vest I’m already having visions about NEVER wearing because, if nothing else, it’s too damn heavy & hot. I still like the pattern, I’d still consider knitting it with different (lighter!) yarn (but not as one of my major 2008 goals).