Yesterday I plied the Crosspatch and all the Tunis roving I’d spun. Ouch. The Crosspatch came out much nicer I think; but I’ve decided the Tunis would work admirably as a background color for a hooked rug, if nothing else. After nearly getting my arm stuck in the yarn I was wrapping around it I’ve decided I REALLY need to get a niddy-noddy.

I’ve finally decided that the Black Water Abbey yarn can be used for Canyonville. I’ve done a swatch on US7s and, as expected, it came out too large, so I’ll repeat with US6s. I’m planning on really altering this sweater — basically I’ll end up using the charted pattern but little else. I’m planning on doing a top-down, raglan v-neck subtly shaped pullover — something I’ll be able to wear here a lot more often than a bulky crew neck. I was inspired by Pallas’ Little Rivers on Ravelry. This is the flickr link if you can’t access Ravelry.

I’m holding off on Herbstlied until I get a color card from Beaverslide Dry Goods.