I got a drumcarder, a Strauch Petite with brush attachment, for my birthday, from Dave, my mom & dad, and my in-laws Rosemary and Curtis! (Yes, it was a requested birthday present, so it wasn’t a surprise, but I’m very thrilled nonetheless.)

It’s a massive, sturdy piece of equipment once assembled. I put it together last night, making the proper bloody sacrifices (the licker drum bit my ankle), and carded 8 or so batts (yes, I’m obsessive) of the fleece from an online auction to help a farm that got flooded. (I thought I’d blogged about that but apparently not.)

Strauch Petite


Okay, I just did a few more batts this morning. I think I have enough for a couple sweaters once I get this whole fleece carded.

I may try dyeing some of it for some subtle hints of color.