Dave and Rigel have had a long respite from four letter knitting.

Time to change that.

I just purchased Sensual Knits for MimKnit’s Cleopatra Wrap pattern. I purchased an extra skein of Malabrigo lace in Indigo expressly for this, making a special trip to Twist Yarns, looking at all the skeins Cathy had, trying to get the closest matching (if you know Malabrigo, you know the same dyelot (which all the other skeins were) doesn’t mean the skeins are going to be even remotely alike).

I was doing beautifully til I realized I made an error in one section. I fudged it a little to try to fix it, dropping a stitch and trying to create a YO, etc.

The mistake wasn’t noticeable to Dave, but then he’s missed huge hunks of lettuce stuck between my front teeth before (you know how your bare your teeth at someone after a meal so they can check for embarrassing bits of food? like if you’ve been married awhile, or are really close friends, or it’s your mom?).

Of course it was glaringly obvious to me. And if I’d wanted to show the eventual FO to a fellow knitter, they’d’ve zeroed right in on it.

So, after continuing another six or eight rows (in the vain hope it would, I suppose, magically fix itself), I decided to try to rip just that section (after diligently googling several tutorials and examples) and reknit the offending rows.

Of course it didn’t work. It was late at night. The yarn is really skinny (duh, it’s LACEWEIGHT) and sticky/grabby so whenever I ripped, it wouldn’t want to rip, then I would apply a bit more pressure and BOOM it ripped several more rows down. And knitting it back up was not fun. The center part looked fine, but the edges had too much yarn, and when I tried to even it out….ARGH.

So it’s frogged.

I decided then to make my first attempt the Flutter Scarf. Smaller, less stuff going on, easier. Not that the pattern for the Cleo wrap is hard — it’s not. It’s the same sort of YO/SSK/K2Tog sort of thing as the New England socks.

Regardless, I’m using some KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud in Iris that I’d been offering FSOT. Longtime stash yarn. Good. I’ve learned a new provisional cast on, which is also good. I’m now a couple pattern repeats into it and, so far, all is well.

I’m thinking the Cleo wrap will be my next new WIP, after I successfully conquer Flutterby.