Sometimes weekends just work out wonderfully.

With Friday off (a joy in and of itself),  the weekend started yesterday, which means it felt like a Saturday, and today a Sunday, which means tomorrow is a bonus day.

I had an a.m. appointment to continue hiding my gray, get highlights, and a trim, and a noonish appointment for a pedicure (which has to last through our Sonoma trip, which starts next Friday).

Dave and I went to our local Farmer’s Market right after and loaded up with white peaches, white nectarines, pluots, yellow peaches, three pints of Gaviota strawberries, a bag of onions and two bunches of asparagus (as well as the kettle corn indulgence).

I worked on my Flutter scarf and made good progress (which I continued this morning and this evening).

Dave, Mel and I went to Brix (our new favorite local restaurant) for wine and shared appetizers — yum!

This morning, Dave and I went to Crystal Cove State Park for a walk and breakfast.  It’s a gorgeous beach and park.  We saw two bunnies on our hike down to the beach — cute, but I was too slow to get pics.

The above is from the bluff near where we parked.

Here’s the coastline:

And tidepools:

After breakfast at the Beachcomber we hiked back up the hill and Dave took me to Strands and Stitches in Laguna Beach, which was having a Hazel Knits Trunk Show.

Wendy’s yarn is so pretty!  I bought 3 skeins of Beach Glass, a light blue-green-turquoise, with the idea of making a lacy cami or short sleeved top, and two “rogue” skeins — one in chocolately browns, the other in medium greens (similar to Shady Verdant).  I also made a color card, which I thought was a neat idea — nearly all the colorways were available, wound into cakes, set up at a “station” with scissors, empty cards, etc.

The ladies at the yarn shop were very sweet and helpful as well.

While I was making my yarn card I started chatting with the woman next to me.  We discussed current projects, Ravelry, what groups we’re in on Ravelry, her groups, my groups (Starmore Junkies — she’s a Starmore fan — in my group?  oh, her Rav name was Papillon, and mine? Stephcat — and then she says we did a trade and it dawned on me why her Rav name sounded familiar — we did a wonderful easy swap (my Claudia sock yarn for the VY color samples).

Much girlish squealing and hugs ensued.

After that, Dave and I went to the Orange County Fair.  We looked at the different contests/exhibits, the display veggie garden (impressive!), and of course….the sheep and goats!

I met a very nice woman, Janet, who has Kurakal, Cotswald and Border Leicester sheep.  She got me the contact info for Terry at Mendenhall Wool Ranch, whose Merino sheep have absolutely gorgeous fleeces (I got to see some samples).

And, most importantly, she found me the contact info for the woman with the most adorable, softest, sweetest little sheep in the world — Diane with her Shetland flock.  They are tinier than I thought they would be, much more petite than the other breeds, and just the cutest I’ve ever seen.  They were coated and their fleeces were intensely soft and lush as well as clean.  Their faces were delicate and they closed their eyes when I scratched behind their ears.

…and tomorrow?  bike ride with Mel and Mike, then a charity food & wine benefit in the afternoon.