….and getting ready for Italy!

*Sonoma pics added to end of post!*

I’m trying to decide what project I want to bring for my travel knitting.  I want to be able to bring it on the plane, so I’m thinking socks on bamboo dpns….but what pattern?  I’m leaning towards Eunny Jang’s Bayerische socks, because it looks like the pattern is easy to memorize but will still be interesting.  I don’t want to bring along any references, and I won’t be bringing my laptop, so I have to already know how to do everything the pattern requires (not a big deal).  However, there are plenty of Nancy Bush socks I want to knit, I have a couple Cookie A patterns too, and Janel Laidman’s Rivendell is lovely….

In the meantime I’ve been working on my handspun hat and the yellow Mr Greenjeans.  I’m hoping to have the latter done before leaving for Italy.  All I have left is the sleeves and blocking. Flutterby has been on the backburner though there’s not a lot left on it — I just started working on Mr Greenjeans again on the car ride home (easier than doing the laceweight in the car) and kept up with it once home.  It’s nice change of pace, working with the heftier yarn.

I’ve not done any spinning recently — since getting back I’ve been working a lot (to make up for the vacation time!).  Knitting, bike riding and vacation planning has taken up any other spare time.  Oh, and online surfing — have you checked out Twist Collective yet?

Sonoma and Napa

Sonoma County was wonderful.

We’ve decided that we much prefer it to Napa — much less pretentious and less expensive.  We did enjoy our estate tasting at Duckhorn;  Hall was a disappointment this time (much better 2 years ago).  Bouchon was as yummy as expected (I had my favorite-ever glass of Chardonnay….a French chablis.  Just don’t really like the big oaky buttery California Chards.).  We did have a nice bike ride in the a.m. — St Helena to Silverado Trail to Calistoga then back down 29.  I had a wonderful massage at the Health Spa Napa Valley.

But Sonoma County, especially the Russian River Valley area…..I’d love to live there.

We had a great casual dinner at Zazu (Dave saw Zoi from Top Chef in the kitchen) — antipasto, bacon-wrapped dates, and a margherita pizza with a flight of Pinot — and apricot/peach crumble for dessert with homemade vanilla ice cream.  We did lots more wine tasting (of course).  We did a great bike ride from the house to just past Talty and back.

We went hiking in the redwoods

and beachcombing for serpentine and beach glass.

and on that note….