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Decisions, decisions….

I’ve narrowed it down (almost) to either Bayerische or Rivendell.  Both seem to have enough going on that it’ll be interesting knitting.  I’ll be traveling by plane, train, automobile (well, a van) so will have plenty of otherwise dead time to knit.  I’m not the fastest knitter in the world, but I’m not the slowest, either;  my reason for having few FOs is that there’ll be times I won’t knit for weeks on end (and I like starting new projects).

Now I’m looking at yarn.

Apparently Bayerische eats yarn like no tomorrow, so that’ll have to be factored in, especially since I wear a women’s size 9.5.  Shouldn’t be an issue with Rivendell, though.

Both patterns would look best in a solid or semi-solid yarn.

Both designs need a yarn that will give good stitch definition.

So…..(linked to their pics on flickr)…

Koigu: 350yds
BMFA moonstone: 360 yds
Nature’s Palette:  370 yds
Scout’s Swag: 375yds
Hazel Knits: 400yds *note I do have 3 skeins of Beach Glass (purchased so I’d have enough for a tank)
Lonesome Stone: 400yds
Sweet Georgia: 420yds
Woolen Rabbit: 450yds
Black Bunny: 490yds

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