So, as I type, Mr Greenjeans aka Mr Sunshine is drying/blocking.  (Actually it’s been doing so for several hours.) I’m planning on mailing it this week to its intended recipient…..for once, I’ve gotten something actually done on time.

We had a stack (well, three) of Netflixes:  Disturbia, The Contract, and Venus, which we watched this weekend.

The latter, Venus, was by far the best, Peter O’ Toole is wonderful (and of course I either cried or laughed through most of the movie).  Highly recommended.  Why can’t there be more movies like this?

The Contract was not quite as abysmal as some reviewers stated;  Morgan Freeman and John Cusack, both actors I like, did as well as they could.  Both it and Disturbia were very predictible, and neither is worth owning, and I hazard to say that I wouldn’t recommend paying to see The Contract other than if it showed up on satellite or cable and you had nothing else to watch. Shia LaBeouf is charismatic in Disturbia, though the movie really makes little sense overall.  You could do worse, though.