Okay, I’ve never had a contest on my blog before.  And this isn’t going to be strictly random;  you have to work at this, though I’ll edit the Decisions post to give a few clues.

Whoever guesses both which pattern and which yarn I’ve decided upon for my travel knitting by 8pm Pacific time Thursday,  August 7th 2008 gets 1 bar of handmade soap and a set of my stitchmarkers…..please post your response in the comments on THIS post.

I think I’ve made a rational decision based on my goals and the needs of the chosen pattern (interesting pattern that isn’t hard to memorize/ ‘see’ what comes next, yarn that suits in terms of colorway, yardage, twist, etc).

If more than one person guesses correctly, I’ll do the name draw from a hat thing.

If no one guesses correctly…hmm.  I’ll figure something out.  Maybe one prize for the correct pattern, drawn from everyone who guesses correctly, and one for the chosen yarn…..

We leave early on the morning of the 8th…..hopefully by Aug 25th (day after we return) I’ll actually have a finished pair of socks!