This evening has been a total flurry of activity as we’ve finished up our packing….

…including me packing up 1 set of KnitPicks DPNs (US size 1/2.25 mm), my little folding scissors, and one lone darning needle in its Chibi in our one to-be-checked bag (yes, I know I should be able to carry all those on, but I’m a bit paranoid), and grabbing my WIP sock (transfered to Crystal Palace bamboo) with its skein of yarn in my new little knitting tote….along with an extra skein of said sock yarn…

…which brings me to the winner!

Congrats Helen!

Yes, I chose Bayerische, and yes, I chose the Hazel Knits in Beach Glass.  I was just too paranoid about running out of yarn if I chose one of the other nearly solid skeins.  The Black Bunny yarn, pretty as it is, is just too variegated, as is the Woolen Rabbit.  I actually almost chose the Sweet Georgia, but it’s just too loosely spun compared with the others, and I want sharp stitch definition.  Also, Beach Glass is one of the lighter colors of the skeins I had, and I think the stitches will show up much more easily than if I had gone with one of the darker colors.

I chose Bayerische for several reasons.  I really do think that once I have the pattern memorized it’ll be one of those where you just ‘read’ the knitting and know what comes next.  However, there’s enough going on (I hope) to keep me entertained — I didn’t want just TV knitting with this.  And I love watching stitch patterns unfold.

Thanks to everyone who ‘played’!