…which is the obvious reason I was digging through my stash this morning (after first reviewing it on Ravelry) to see what yarn I wanted to use for the Druid Mittens.  No contest this time, I’m pretty sure I’m going to use Nature’s Palette in Light Teal.  I was considering using Campion, but of the colors I would’ve like to use, I only had one or two skeins, not the three I need to be on the safe side yardage-wise.

Actually yesterday I did pick up Dave’s Irish Moss scarf and knit a few rows on it.  I’m liking those twisted traveling stitches!  I’m going to bring it with me to work (hopefully work will be busy/steady, with a few cute new puppies and kittens thrown in, but one of the hazards of relief/locum tenens is that you can have some pretty boring days because all the client want to see their regular vet, not some unknown vet (which I totally understand) — which means bringing stuff to do to keep me occupied).