Re-reading my own blog entries, I realized I didn’t even post July or August goals.  Wouldn’t’ve been much point to doing so anyways between work and vacations.

However, for whatever reason, I’m not booked as much for work for September (October more than makes up for it, though), so this is the month I should really crack down on some of my home stuff.

September Goals

  • Work on the Christmas presents:  finish the two main presents.  ‘Nuff said, because I don’t want to reveal them to the recipients.
  • Finish Dave’s Irish Moss scarf (almost halfway done as of this morning)
  • Finish Flutterby (almost done)
  • Finish my handspun hat (should be quick, almost to the part where I can start the colorwork)

(I’ve told myself as soon as I finish three things, I can cast on for the Druid mittens…..)