The tankless heater is in! It’s amazing just how small it is…it’s about the size of our electric meter box. Considering how tiny our “backyard” is, getting rid of the old heater has made a big difference in the space back there.

I’d told John, the owner of the company, that one thing I thought the new heater would help with is scouring fleeces, that the old heater wouldn’t get water hot enough. (Yes, I’m sure he thought I was nuts.)

The guys today told me, when I asked how to increase the temperature, that the water would only get to 120 degrees. That’s not hot enough, I told them. I need to get it hotter. Not often, just once in awhile, but still. Come on, guys, I have some Merino!

Apparently the water can be heated hotter, up to 160 degrees, but the heater requires a special thermostat. The installation guys are picking one up and should be back in a bit to install it.

Knitting: The Eyelet Cardi is officially done (folded up and stored for Christmas). I did start a new project, another Christmas present, which is about 1/3 of the way done.

However, I go back to work tomorrow, so I’m sure my relative progress will slow.

And oh yeah, I frogged two things this morning:  my Persian Tiles pillow (in Erica and Mountain Hare) and my Rowan Denim Sheringham pullover.  Never heard of them?  Well, that’s why they’re frogged.  I’m going to use the Mountain Hare for the Druid Mittens.