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Mine, all mine! (or, Mistress of My Domain)

Finally, finally, finally I have the domain name I wanted!  It matches the name of my blog, of my bloggy alterego — Sunset Cat.  For whatever reason, someone else had bought (and not even used) my domain name.  I stalked it for awhile, and even after it was supposed to be available, it wasn’t;  but then I randomly tried yesterday (actually while cleaning up my bookmarks, I’d had a whois site with my domain name bookmarked, I clicked and checked it) and Sunset Cat was available!  I nabbed it through my host, Dreamhost, for three years.  If I’m still blogging then, I’ll keep renewing it.

Sometimes it’s the littlest things that make us happy.

**Never mind I had to install WordPress 2.6, move everything over, get locked out of my dashboard, de-install everything, re-install WordPress, move everything over again……

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