September Goals

  • Work on the Christmas presents: I finished one of the main presents and am almost done with the added present.  The other main present I hope to finish in October.
  • Finish Dave’s Irish Moss scarf: didn’t.  Still at the halfway point.
  • Finish Flutterby: Did
  • Finish my handspun hat: Did

That’s pretty good, considering my track record.

I didn’t cast on for the Druid Mittens;  rather, I casted on for the afore mentioned new present, and then, just yesterday, a sweater for moi with some recycled alpaca.

This is the first time I’ve actually recycled yarn.  I’m not talking making something new out of a frogged project, that I’ve done.

Rather, I had a poncho that I purchased at Saks when I was desperately looking for something to wear to my LA County Advanced Diver Program graduation dinner.   I bought this gorgeous soft ice blue BCBG poncho (yes, when they were fashionable) that I wore over a lace cami and black flared pants.  I also splurged on some strappy Ann Klein high-heeled sandals.

The shoes I still occasionally wear.  Dave likes them (a lot).  But the poncho?  I don’t know if I ever wore it again.

But the yarn…ooh, so soft.

So I frogged it, and got about 200 gms (2 large balls of 100 gms each) of very pretty, soft alpaca.  I made the balls into hanks, washed them gently, and wound one on the ballwinder so I could work with it right away.

I swatched with 5’s (too loose) then with 3’s (just right, light and airy but with enough definition).  I calculated very carefully how much my swatch weighed (barely 1 gm for 5 square inches) ….figure I had enough yarn for about 1000 square inches….which gives me just barely enough for the Slinky Ribs sweater (after calculating its square inches (rounding up)).

I really hope I did that all correctly.