Those of you who are interested in local foods may notice the new link on the lower left column under Local and Sustainable Eating to J&J Grassfed Beef.

Having missed the Torrance Farmer’s Market Saturday, Dave and I decided to go to the Tuesday Torrance FM (we both had the day off).

Though the Tuesday market doesn’t have quite as many vendors (no cheese vendors yesterday!) it’s not as hectic and crowded as Saturday’s.  And though Lindner Bison is not there on Tuesdays, we did discover J&J, who apparently are there every Tuesday.  I was hoping to find a source for beef!  I love the bison, too, but it’s good to have a bit of variety.

The cows are 100% grassfed and finished — no forcing of grains or byproducts on a feedlot.  I didn’t get to ask about the slaughtering, but will next time.

Like Lindner, the meat is all pre-packed in frozen sealed packages, which is very handy for us.

I haven’t yet cooked what I bought — 2lbs of ground beef and a roast — but will update when I do.