The new Twist Collective is up, and I think it’s as good as, and probably better than, their first issue.

I’m totally in love with Heroine, in my mind more of a jacket than a sweater;  I’d love to make it someday.  I’ve already queued Vivian (who wants another fitted cardi hoodie?  I do!).  Kingscot is next in line for the queue.

I also really like Stormsvale.  Anne Hanson’s shawl and stole are stunning.  I love the neckline on Gytha.  Broderie is pretty and looks like an interesting knit with all the different lace sections.

Sylvi is cute, but I know I wouldn’t want to spend the time on it.  The Sweet Pea Coat is adorable, but I’d have to make it longer.

Oh, and I really want a Knitzi.