I started La Digitessa.

In the spirit of tackling something new, I went ahead and did the crochet provisional cast-on for the toe-up construction (which also involved short-rows with double wraps).

Casting on through the little crochet bumps went fine.

Doing the short rows for the first half went fine. I ended up choosing to have just 8 stitches along the top because I’m one of those people with longer second toes and I figured this would make the toebox fit my foot better.

Four letter knitting occurred while doing the reverse short rows, when you have to purl through the back while picking up two, not one, wrapped stitches. Sorry, it’s just painful when you’ve had to pull those wraps tight so you don’t end up with holes. I mean, really physically painful, as in cramping hands and forearms.

Plus, though I know people rave about Wollmeise (and the color is just lovely), I’m really NOT LIKING the yarn base. It’s very inflexible and splitty; it’s made of many little smooth strands (almost seems like cotton to me, not wool). Little needles (US 0), tight knitting, physically difficult yarn and needle manipulation and splitty yarn = an uhappy Steph.

Dave and the dog go hide in the other room in fear.

Foul words spill from my mouth.

I finally manage to get through all of it, all the while thinking longingly of Kitchener stitching and cuff-down construction.

Hah. Then I had to pick up all those splitty little stitches from the bumps of the splitty little cotton yarn I used as waste yarn.

Next sock I’m using the same cast-on I did for Slinky Ribs utilizing the nice, smooth cable cord (or at least a size 0 circular needle).

At least now I’m on the regular part of the sock and get to start the special pattern….which has different symbols than I’m used to. Small ARGH. Luckily, Marjan posted a Knit Visualizer chart (with the symbols I’m used to) to the Yarnissima Ravelry group pages.

I’ve poured a glass of wine and am now cautiously optimistic….

(Another pattern note: I didn’t immediately start the pattern after picking up all the stitches. Rather, I picked up an extra stitch at either end, knit a round, increased 1 stitches on each side, then knit one more round increasing 1 stitch each side (76 stitches total, with the extra for the sole).