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A non-knitting Christmas gift



I painted this for my friend Mel.  It’s a watercolor portrait of her dog Brodie.  She adopted him from Sheltie rescue a few years ago.  He had a very large tumor on his right eyelid that she had removed.  He’s a great dog, very mellow and sweet.

I’m taking a break from La Digitessa (as noted previously I’m on the pattern repeats for the foot, and according to the KAL that’s for next week;  since it’s my travel knitting I figured I could wait on it) and am working on my Gathered Pullover.

I’m on my third (or fourth?) try on the set in sleeves.  I like this last iteration.   I picked up (not picked up & knit) 93 stitches, twisting the picked up stitches as I later knit them.  For the short rows I’m also keeping the stitches oriented so that when I knit (or purl) them they twist.  I’m also tugging the wraps tight.  No holes!  The most recent previous attempt I picked up a lot more stitches and ended up with some puckering. None this time.  And I even took notes, so I can repeat this all on the second sleeve (wonder of wonders), instead of assuming I’ll remember and of course forgetting.

And on that note…..Happy holidays!  may all your knitting go well!