I’ve decided to bring my Gathered Pullover (in hopes of actually finishing & wearing it) and the 2nd Bayerische sock.

Dave expressed a small amount of concern over the latter.

“Isn’t that the project you yelled at me about on the plane to Italy?”

Well, yes, it is, but there’s an explanation.

Our flight from JFK to Italy had been delayed.  By the time we got to board I’d done a fair amount of airport knitting and frankly, wanted a break.  Take off also was delayed.  I was a little antsy and bored so I started poking Dave.

“Why don’t you knit again?”  he’d finally asked in exasperation.

I finally acquiesced and immediately dropped one of my new, just purchased for the trip bamboo needles (without which I couldn’t do the project).

Have you ever seen what’s really on the floor of an airplane?  When they say boarding is delayed because they’re cleaning the plane, I know they’re lying.  I don’t know what they’re doing, but it certainly doesn’t include vacuuming or anything like that.

My needle had slipped into a groove.  I couldn’t reach it.

Neither could the airline attendant, who, curious to see whose legs were sticking out into the aisle, came over.  She gamely made her own attempt.

Oh yes, by now the other passengers were definitely curious.

I went back in for another attempt.  I finally used tweezers and gently pried/pulled my needle out.

After waving it victoriously for all to see, I hissed at Dave:  “This is all your fault!  I didn’t even want to knit right now!”


FWIW I don’t have bamboo circs for La Digitessa and don’t want to risk having to give up my metal ones.

I know, TSA is supposed to allow knitting needles, metal or otherwise, but they do specifically post on their site that it’s up to the individual agent, and they recommend plastic or wood, not metal.  Considering I’ve (accidently) punctured myself with my metal Options I can’t quite argue that they couldn’t serve as a weapon.

I’m also bringing my class materials to continue prepping/ finetuning my class.  12 people signed up (6 per class meeting time), 3 people wait-listed!  I’m going to do a demo sweater per class (or try, at least).   (**If you are actually one of those 12 taking my class, I’ll be putting files up on line this coming week in a special class section for you to peruse.**)

Back to Orsino aka Gathered Pullover….that last go-around with the sleeve is working out great.  I’m doing paired decreases every 5 rows or so and it’s fitting closely but not tightly.  (I love being able to try on as I go!)  I’m still thinking of incorporating the cable motif from the Celtic Cap on the bottom third or so of the sleeves.  I did frog the neck and am debating what I want to do with it.