No, I’m not referring to knitting on a crappy project.

For the last couple days while taking Rigel on his morning excursion I’ve been walking past a garbage can filled with various items that have, I have to admit, tempted me: several vintage/antique yardsticks, other tantalizing bits. This garbage can DOES NOT have kitchen etc garbage in it: it looks like someone just emptied out some stuff in their garage.

So this morning I actually snuck a closer peek. And gasped. And grabbed.

A whole bundle of knitting needles! tied together with a shoestring, with several disintegrating rubber bands as well. There is one circular, at least one or two small crochet hooks, and a whole slew of aluminum straights.

I’m going to keep the crochet hooks (I don’t have those sizes) and probably have Dave bring the needles to his fellow teacher Karyn at Pali. She’s an awesome biology teacher who also teaches the high school kids knitting, so I’m sure she can use them.

So, the question is: would you have done the same?

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